If you've wondered about HER LOVE BUCKET, listen in as Karen interviews Sherrie.

The audio player below holds the interview with Sherrie Rose, The Love Linguist. If you missed the live broadcast, here is the replay. Click the arrow play button to begin.

"Men, Sex, Filling Her Love Bucket" (1:21)
Karen Brody interviews Sherrie Rose

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     ==> "How to Successfully Talk Her into Your Arms and Into Your Bed" <==

* Insider Knowledge that gives a man confidence to make bold moves
    when communicating and building rapport
* Knowing the effective types of body language that puts you in
    the power position
* Get tuned into the signals she’s communicating to initiate sex
* Make sure you don’t reject her advances because you were too
    blind to see them
* What are the communication keys in the initial stages of attraction
    and dating
* What makes or break the possibility of SEX with a woman
* How to virtually *eliminate rejection*
* There is only one “first time” SEX – what to say after
* How to communicate to keep SEX hot when you’re dating long term
    or married
* Types of communication in an established relationship to
    create sizzle
* How to Create Wild Passion and LOVEMATISM (deep intimate bond)
* What to say and not saying during foreplay and while making love
* In the Act of Making Love – Successful “Pillow Talk” that
    creates great ORGASMS
* Words women want to hear that make her HOT for you

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